|Unspoken Thoughts

A Heart of Mine


By Full of Eyes

How fragile our heart is
But He handles us with care
Even on the coldest nights
He comes down and warms our soul
As He put the clothes on our skins,
He knits a robe down our heart

We’ll never be alone
Even on the darkest nights
Or in the emptiest space between reality and expectations
Where nothing makes sense
And we don't truly know what we want
He's there, unafraid of our questions
All of Him,
All for the beloved of Him

Then sometimes, when the winter came down
A frosty wind blew through my bones
Heartbreaking, head aching
And tears ran down my eyes
As I laid my head to sleep
My room became as dark as the pain that rushed in
When no one was there to hear my cry, 
He was just there
Listening, mending its stitches

A heart of mine
He let not to be broken
A heart of mine
He made to be loved
A heart of mine, who searches,
found its home in Him.

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